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College Physics 9th Edition, Raymond Serway and Vuille

College Physics 9th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Raymond A. Serway and Chris Vuille offer clear strategy for connecting those theories to a consistent problem-solving approach, carefully reinforcing this methodology throughout the text and connecting it to real-world examples. For students planning to take the MCAT exam, the text includes exclusive test prep and review tools to help you prepare.

While physics can seem challenging, its true quality is the sheer simplicity of fundamental physical theories--theories and concepts that can enrich your view of the world around you. Authors have reviewed all the worked examples, made improvements, and added or revised many end-of-Example Questions and Exercises. The questions usually require a conceptual response or determination, but they also include estimates requiring knowledge of the relationships between concepts.

The answers for the Example Questions can be found at the back of the book. At the end of each chapter, there are approximately ten to fifteen conceptual questions. The Applying Physics examples presented in the text serve as models for students when conceptual questions are assigned and show how the concepts can be applied to understanding the physical world. The conceptual questions provide the student with a means of self-testing the concepts presented in the chapter. Some conceptual questions are appropriate for initiating classroom discussions. Answers to odd-numbered conceptual questions are included in the answer section at the end of the book and in the Student Solutions Manual/Study Guide, and answers to all questions are found in the Instructor's Solutions Manual.

A general problem-solving strategy to be followed by the student is outlined at the end of Chapter 1. This strategy provides students with a structured process for solving problems. In most chapters more specific strategies and suggestions (see example below) are included for solving the types of problems featured in both the worked examples and the end-of-chapter problems. This feature helps students identify the essential steps in solving problems and increases their skills as problem solvers.

This book contains a special Skill-Building Appendix (Appendix E) to help premed students prepare for the MCAT exam. The appendix contains examples written by the text authors that help students build conceptual and quantitative skills. These skill-building examples are followed by MCAT-style questions written by test prep experts to make sure students are ready to solve the exam.

Many chapters include sections and problems that are intended to expose the student to various practical and interesting applications of physical principles. Topics and problems dealing with the application of physics to the life sciences are identified by a bio icon to help motivate students to master the content.

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